Dear Friend!

Welcome to Customer's Guide!

Here, we have given something for you to understand, before coming to us, as a customer.

What Should I know, before coming to ICan Technologies, Mysore ?

If you are a new comer to this world of website development, then this is the right company for you to get your website developed. We have a team of experts, who will be glad to listen to your basic requirements and problems faced by you without a website. We make you to understand through our experts, even, what basically a website is.

Should I require to make any plans regarding the website or software development before placing an order ?

Yes, You must think, how you want your website to appear. Appearence is one of the key factor, which attracts more people to watch your website.

I need a website, How do you develop my website ?

Well, We are basically into website n' software development. We have a team of experts, who will transform your idea, imagination into a nice, beautiful, smart looking website. We are one among more specific, well staged people, who never get into confusions. Our way of development is on phased manner. For making you understand our way of development, we are giving you an example, in which a house is constructed in a phased manner.

Ok, well... Now, last point. What will be the cost and time period required for you guy'z, in developing a simple website for my new firm ?

Well, we require one or two hours, to complete your single paged website. About the cost, sorry, we will not disclose our rates here, as this is not proper place to discuss that. You can e-mail us your actual requirements to the email addresses which are given at the bottom of this page itself.